What is a Park Model RV?

Park ModelA park model RV, although considered a recreational vehicle, is transportable and primarily designed for long-term or permanent placement at a destination where an RV is allowed. When set up, park model RV’s are connected to the utilities necessary to operate home style fixtures and appliances. Park models are popular with people for use as a cottage, vacation or retirement home.

In the United States, a park model must remain under 400 square feet to qualify as a recreational vehicle under federal and state laws. In Canada, park models must remain under 540 square feet in order to qualify as a recreational vehicle. Over that size they would be considered a manufactured home and subject to different taxes and regulations. Many units feature slide-out or tip-out bays, which collapse into the unit for travel, and then expand outward when parked to increase overall living space. All floor plans are designed to remain under that limit when adding bays. If buyers want to stretch a plan, then the width may need to be narrowed. If they want to widen a plan, then the length has to be shortened.

But they are so much more!

Here at Rich’s Portable Cabins we define a Park Model as your Dream Cabin. Small enough to be economical and environmentally friendly but big enough to enjoy!