Tiny House PlansWe now offer complete sets of tiny house plans for the do-it-yourself tiny house enthusiast. You can purchase a set of plans for one of our designs or you can have your own design ideas developed into a completely new tiny dream home plan. We offer plans to individuals who have the means to build it for themselves, but are not intending to go into business building our designs, and are not for distribution!

The Classic Double Loft is the most requested plan we offer, and with it you will be able to build the Classic Double Loft in the most efficient manner, without the pitfalls associated with going it alone and not using a plan. Yes, some of you will be able to make a similar cabin without our plan, but we’ve made hundreds of these tiny homes and have refined it to where there is no guess work involved. Follow the plan and you will succeed in duplicating our product.

This project is not like the typical tiny home design because the Classic Double Loft is much larger that anything you can get with other tiny house plan offerings. This tiny home is designed to be mobile but moved infrequently and typically stays where it is located for many years.

The most important first step is building the trailer frame. You cannot buy one of these frames except from us, but with the plans you can build it yourself or hire a welder to make it for you. The frames are very specific to the cabin model, and are not interchangeable with any other frame design. You need to use our frame drawing because of the specifics in regards to camber and dimensions and hardware.

After the steel frame is done it is on to framing the floor. Pretty straight forward but there are a few areas that require specific dimensions in order for all the rest of what follows to actually work. Before the floor is sheathed the plumbing goes in as well as the insulation.

Framing the walls is easy if you follow the plans. Once again the most important aspect of what we offer are the dimensions, because if you are serious about seeing the end result identical to what we call the Classic Double Loft, the dimensions will get you there without guesswork. Guessing is a good way to make more work for yourself down the road when the cabinets and stairs don’t fit!

By now you’ve deep into the project and have learned that it was a great decision to buy the plan because you now realize how much time and frustration you saved. You will come to the conclusion that is was money well spent. There are many aspects to building the Classic Double Loft tiny home, and with the plans you will be able to work through them with confidence.

The process to making a Classic Double Loft to completion is a significant project and you will need to dedicate roughly 1,000 man hours to get it done. This number includes all aspects to the build including cabinets. The cost for this plan is $1,500 cheap, and includes all the necessary drawings all the way through to the cabinets.

We are also available along the way for clarification and support, because we know that even though it is spelled out, questions may still arise.