Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are smaller than Park models, but they don’t lack for amenities. They have a full kitchen, spacious bathroom and living areas separate from the sleeping areas. We even have two and three bedroom models that are perfect for a single parent or couple with a children. Due to their smaller size, these tiny homes can be pulled by conventional trucks and can be moved from state to state without having to worry about height and width requirements many states impose.

If your tastes tend to drift more towards the modern we have an option available for that too!  By adding different options for exterior siding and a shed roof design we have come up with a “modern” cabin that will fit just as easily in Seattle as it will on the banks of a river.  By adding metal to the exterior and the ability to paint any color you like, the exterior can be as flashy as your taste will allow.  By integrating drywall interiors for just the walls or for the entire cabin, you can play with different color palates as well.  We can dress the floors in any way that you like from bamboo to Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring that looks like stone or wood.

We may be known best for Cabins but we have joined the modern era!

The Elaine – Tiny Home

The “Elaine” Cabin is a premier “Tiny Home” and one that we are very proud of!  It takes all of the comforts of home and packages it into an appealing and tasteful tiny home package. A kitchen that has everything!  Range, refrigerator, micro-hood and ample cabinet space make this tiny kitchen [...]

8 Wide Push-out

This cabin was built for demonstration and to illustrate how an 8’ wide can be transformed to almost 13’ wide in the interior with the help of few friends.  There are no buttons to push to make the tip outs function.  You just need a little muscle and confidence, and in [...]

Full Angus – Tiny Home

Full Angus - Tiny Home This cabin is huge for an 8’ wide, and is king when it comes to size.  Simply put, this is the largest 8’ wide tiny home offered by any builder of tiny homes throughout the entire nation.  Combine that with amenities and you’ve got a tiny [...]

Ayn – Tiny Home

Ayn - Tiny Home The Ayn is a Shed Style 8’ wide unit. This cabin design features a large footprint for an 8’ wide tiny home, and with its stretch design creates more space in every room, making the rooms large and spacious enough to not feel cramped. The interior width [...]

North Carolina Loft

North Carolina Loft - Tiny Home When it comes to 8' wide cabins with lofts, this model is at the top of the list. Built to be pulled down the road with your 3/4 ton truck or van, Rich's North Carolina Loft offers mobility and independence combined with the perfect balance [...]