About Us

Born out of the ailing timber industry of the 90’s

Tiny Home BuilderRich’s Portable Cabins, Inc. began as a concept. Twelve years ago, Rich Daniels was self-employed as a timber cruiser contractor in the ailing timber industry. As he could see the inevitable “writing on the wall” as far as job security, he decided to venture into a career that was more “sustainable”, but still stay in the timber industry.

Good fortune is something to count on

After purchasing a small parcel of timber land in the beautiful mountains of North Eastern Oregon, Rich purchased a small sawmill and began cutting lumber from his trees and building sheds, and could make a modest living and make a living off the land by producing 2 sheds a month.

The adage of “if a business isn’t growing, then it’s dying” is true, in that growth is an inevitable result of the drive to be successful. So after 5 years of making sheds, a change occurred in the product line, due to a chance meeting and casual conversation, to what is now the primary product – Park Model RVs and tiny homes.

Patience is a virtue

From the valuable experience gained from building sheds and other little custom structures, grew a new member to an industry of tiny home builder that was booming, with room for one more player. Producing cabins from his home in the woods, Rich honed his skills for the next 7 years until yet another opportunity presented its self- a new location for the business.

As a result of the timber industry collapse, many sawmills had been abandoned and torn down, leaving behind wasteland parcels, and towns that relied upon the success of the mill for the success of the town. North Powder needed a new partner, and when the Idaho Timber mill site became available for purchase, Rich seized the opportunity and created a new production facility where RPC Inc. is currently located.

RPC is now entering the 16th year of production.