Portable Cabins

Portable cabins are designed to be a weekend get-away, hunting cabin or to be used as a rental unit in a RV park or resort. They would also make a perfect back-yard casita for visiting friends or family or as a back-yard office or studio. Most have minimal kitchens (basically a kitchenette) and most combine the living/sleeping areas. We have loft model portable cabins that separate the living areas from the sleeping areas or to allow for more sleeping areas. We have several two bedroom models, one three bedroom model and one duplex model portable cabin.

Camp Cabins – Portable Cabins

Camp Cabins - Portable Cabins Not all of our customers are in the market for big fancy portable cabins. Sometimes simplicity is bliss. For those customers we have our “Camp Cabin” line of cabins that maintains all of the structural integrity and strength of the larger portable cabins but in a smaller package. We scale down the overall size as well as using smaller and less [...]

Alaskan – Portable Cabin

Alaskan - Camp Cabin The Alaskan is a simple design portable cabin which equates to a lower sticker price as compared to the other full sized park models we offer. It is not short on features though, and has all the elements of what makes a perfect tiny home  including a full kitchen, bedroom in the back, living room and a large bathroom. The bedroom is sized [...]

Miller – Portable Cabin

Miller - Portable Cabin This portable cabin combines great features with a compact design for tight installations. Since the bedroom is in the loft, the living room is quite large and will fit a lot of your furnishings. The kitchen has apartment size appliances and is fully functional for your cooking enjoyment. Not to be outdone by its big brothers, this portable cabin also has a laundry [...]