Placement of a Park Model RV

Park Model RVIn general a Park Model RV will go into a Park designed for them or on to private land.  By far the easiest most hassle free option is to put your Cabin/Tiny Home into an existing Park.  Under these circumstances you do not have to deal with zoning or permitting.  If you are wanting to put your cabin on to private land the first step is to contact your local city/county/state planning department and find out if they even will allow a “Park Model.”  Generally speaking in most areas that will allow them there is some sort of “Placement Permit” required.  The cost and duration of those permits vary widely.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some national standard!

Cities:  In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in the “Tiny Home Movement” and some forward thinking municipalities have gotten on the forefront of understanding and legislating for this!  Some are creating a name for themselves as being “Tiny Home” friendly and others are at least creating legal scenarios for those wanting to make a smaller footprint an option.

Although there is some movement the overwhelming city ordinances in this country are still holding fast to dilapidated zoning plans requiring square foot minimums or foundation requirements, just to name a few of the most notorious anti-Tiny Home legal issues.

Here are a few things we know……

West Coast – If you would like to place a Park Model RV in Oregon, Washington, Idaho or California you are going to be able to accomplish your mission.  While some of the major cities like Portland and Seattle are actually attempting to figure this issue out, you are going to find it far easier outside of any city limits to get placement permits and county planners that will actually help.  There are also a number of Parks in these states that specialize in recreational styled Park Model living.  These parks make it easy to downsize and offer many different kinds of amenities.

One very popular use for our Cabins is for an aging or ailing parent.  These states also have in place special hardship permits that can be obtained that ease the cost and process involved in placing a Park Model.

Everything east of the West Coast unit you get to the East Coast – These states all seem to have much more lenient zoning regulations so you are most likely in great shape.  Contact your local planning and zoning departments for specifics.

East Coast – This is where it seems to be getting very difficult and technical.  Some state like Connecticut and Virginia, seem to either not know what a Park Model is or be opposed to having Park Models in their state.  We are watching very closely different court decisions in states up and down the East Coast as they seem to be wanting to work this out through the courts versus the legislature or local changes to zoning and planning.

This will be an ongoing endeavor to try and bring as much information to our customers, potential customers and Tiny Home enthusiasts as we can!