happy-new-year-2015-images-wall-photos-for-Facebook2015 A Year in Review!

As we get ready to embark on a New Year here at Rich’s Portable Cabins we wanted to take the opportunity to look back and evaluate all of the success and challenges of 2015.

One of the most exciting developments of 2015 was the opening of the Virginia facility. The quality of the cabins being produced for our East Coast customers is “top shelf” and we want to give a big thank you and congrats to Don and Greg for all of their hard work and success. Every Cabin that is produced in Oregon can also be produced in Virginia without exception! Please visit the website regularly to see first hand pictures of cabins being built out east!

Late in the 2015 we were happy to announce the launching of our new website. The goal for this was to make it easier and more interactive for our customers and potential customers! There have been a couple of bumps along the road with the roll out but I think we have all the kinks worked out now!

2015 was a record breaking year for Rich’s Portable Cabins and we are striving for continued growth and success in 2016. With different projects going all over the country we invite you to be a part of the Rich’s Portable Cabins family and grow with us!

Happy New Year!

Rich and Crew