Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Tiny Home cost

Depends on size, features and complexity of the design.  Call Rich and he can talk to you about what your cabin might cost, or email throught the contact link.

Can you ship to my state

Yes. The only limitation is the cost of shipping.

Do you build green

Typically I don’t use “certified” green materials. But if you require it, I can (and have) built to green specifications. For instance: wool insulation, shielded wire, solid wood construction with no OSB or plywood.

Do you build cabins I can pull with my own vehicle

The smaller cabins such as the Camp Cabin, can be pulled with you own PU truck, but advise against it because they are wide and bulky. The tongue weight on the larger cabins is can be as much as 5000 lb.  8 wide models are designed to be moved with your own vehicle.

Do you have a warranty

I warrant against manufactures defects.

Do you have references

Yes, I have lots of happy customers. See the testimonial on the home page.

Can I become a dealer

Certainly, but you must purchase at least 2 cabins for display. We do not “floor” cabins.

How much do they weigh

Typical full sized loft cabin is around 21,000 lb.  Full sized non-loft is roughly 18,000.

Can you build for off grid

Yes, I can install inverters with built-in chargers and batteries. Solar panels can go on the roof or mounted on a pole in the ground that can be turned to follow the sun. Composting toilets, water tanks, holding tanks are all possible, but not necessarily practical when dealing with wider floor plans.

Can I use my own appliances

Yes, as long as I know the dimensions.

If I send specific parts will you install them


Can I save money by using drywall

No, I charge more for drywall.

Will you build a shell

Not very often do I build just shells. For some cabin designs it is quite easy to build only a shell, and for others it is not possible. A shell is defined as bare stud walls with no wiring, plumbing, insulation with the roof and exterior done.

Will you sell me a kit

Perhaps. Some cabins are easy to build, while others are difficult. I will sell you the plans and materials if you like

Do you design cabins for others to build

Yes, my fee is $1,500

How long does it take to get a cabin

8-12 weeks typically, and depends on what my work load is.

Can you build for my roof loading


Do you have any used models


Do you build custom


Where are you located

Address: Rich’s Portable Cabins, 150 Bidwell Road, North Powder, Oregon  97867 between Baker City and LaGrande, roughly 250 miles east of Portland.

Can I visit you at the shop to view cabins

Visitors welcome 8-4:30 Monday through Friday. Weekends by appointment only.

Can I put one of your cabins on my property

That would be fine with me, but not necessarily with the county you live in. If you are concerned about such laws, you may want to consider inquiring at the county planning dept.  It truly depends on who answers the phone at the planning dept. and the county you want to place the cabin in.

How long have you been in business

15 years building cabins

What do you have in my price range

If you are realistic about the “cost to expectation ratio”, then I can build within your price range.

Do you take trade-ins

Typically not, however, it is within the realm of possibilities if it is something I can use.

Can you send me a catalog

No I don’t have a catalog.

How can I get a discount

Buy 3 or more of the same model with no changes.

Do you finance

No. I can point you in the right direction.

Where do I go to get financing

Most banks have RV loan programs. For commercial ventures, you might qualify for a lease program through leasing companies.

Do you take payments


How much does it cost to get it here

Usually around $6.50 per mile. To the east coast is around $14,000. I have no control over the cost of trucking other than by soliciting bids from multiple companies. I suggest you do the same.

How much money do you need to get started

1/2 down with the remainder upon completion.

I don’t see what I need, can you build my own floor plan


Do you install and set up the cabins

I might, if it is local and I have the time.

Do I need a foundation

No, just a level, compacted surface.

Does my county allow them

Hard to say.  You need to check with the local planning dept. to know with certainty.

Will you come to my location to build it

Only if we can turn it into a vacation (Hawaii for instance).

Will there be any damage to the structure during transport

Not likely. Our drivers are very good and go the extra mile to make sure your cabin is delivered safely.

How long will your cabins last

As long as a regular stick built home with proper maintenance .

Do they appreciate in value

When attached to the land and sold as a package, they can make the property easier to sell. I am not listed with NADA, and my cabins are not on a depreciation schedule.

Do they come complete with wiring, plumbing and appliances

Yes, they are typically “turn key”.

Are they insulated

Yes, minimums are R-13 walls, R-19 floor and R-25

Are they double-paned vinyl windows

Yes, with low E insulating glass.

How long before I need to treat the exterior

The stain usually lasts about 5 years.

Can I get 2×6 walls

On certain models only.

How large and flat a surface does the cabin need to rest on?

Roughly twice the width of the cabin, with the same in the front and back of the cabin.