Camp Cabins – Portable Cabins

Not all of our customers are in the market for big fancy portable cabins. Sometimes simplicity is bliss. For those customers we have our “Camp Cabin” line of cabins that maintains all of the structural integrity and strength of the larger portable cabins but in a smaller package. We scale down the overall size as well as using smaller and less appliances and cabinetry. Most are designed as a one open room, with bathroom design, perfect for a long weekend or family vacation.  They would also work well as a backyard “casita” for visits from friends and family, a home office, a studio, or even a tiny home for a single person looking to simplify their life.

Of course one of the most popular features of the “Camp Cabin” is the price. This line starts in the high 20’s and can be a great affordable escape for the entire family!

This line is also very popular with Park Owners. These cabins make great overnight rentals for your park! The comfort of a hotel room in the privacy of the woods.

With small porches and simple designs our Camp Cabins are great for any occasion and budget!

Portable Cabins   Portable Cabins