How to Buy a Tiny Home

The goal we had in mind when we set out to build a tiny home was to take all of the structural integrity of a house and put that on to a transportable frame. That is why it is imperative that we build our own frames. Most tiny home builders start with a frame that they can purchase or come up with in some fashion and then figure out what they can put on top of it! We try and figure out first what we want on top of it and then build a frame that can hold it.

In general we ask that our customers start with a general idea of what size they are looking for. Generally speaking that decision is based on how the tiny home is going to be used, ie….if it is something that is going to be moved regularly, then it makes the most sense to start with our 8 wide platform that can legally be towed without oversized load permits and with a normal truck. Conversely if it is never going to be moved again it is worth making the small step up to a full sized tiny home or park model. Other factors that need consideration during this stage of the process are zoning, utilities, snow loads, and transportation costs.

Once the decision is made whether we are going with an 8 wide or a full sized tiny home the fun part really begins! Depending on sleeping or storage requirements the next step is to decide if you would like a loft or not. It is at this stage the cost becomes a factor. The difference in price between a loft and non loft can be close to $20,000 dollars and sometimes that may alone be the deciding factor.

If multiple sleeping areas are required, then a loft is the way to go! We can create all kinds of different scenarios in the lofts to make them perfect for the individual family. If only one bedroom is needed then a non loft is perfect for a single person or couple.

At this point we will ask that we start with one of our already designed tiny homes that has the basic needs that the customer desires. If there are changes and customization at this point we can make them and add them into the design.

We try and make every possible concession to get the customer exactly what they want!

We love to have customers visit, and encourage those that can to do so.  But, all of this can be accomplished over the phone and internet. In truth very few of our customers ever get to see their tiny home first hand prior to it being delivered.

At this point, once we have the floor plan in hand, we will then work up a Purchase Order for your new tiny home. Once you have received your purchase order and floor plan, production will begin on your tiny home the day of deposit. We require $20,000 down and the remainder when the tiny home is completed and ready for shipping.

After the planning and down payment stages are completed, the hardest part begins…the wait. Depending on our workload, an average wait time is about 12 weeks. The question is always… does it take 12 weeks to build a tiny home. The simple answer is yes, but of course that is not exactly correct. We are always building 5-10 tiny homes at a time and have to wait on materials and different impediments to our process.

During this time there is plenty for the homeowner to do as well! This time can be used to prepare your site and your drive. Remember you are having a HOUSE delivered!

We will make every effort during this time to keep you up to date on the process and send pictures. Once we get closer to completion, that is when it gets stressful for us all! The finish work is involved and takes time as well as those materials are the hardest to come by.  Be patient with us and remember that we are working as fast as humanly possible and we want to make sure you receive the best possible product!

Call us today to get the process started! We look forward to building the perfect tiny home for your situation!