Usable Kitchens!

One of the features that we are most proud of in our Cabins is our Kitchens! We have many different design styles to cover everyone’s needs. We have the Tamarack cabin with all of its counter space and cupboards for full time living or the vacationer that loves to cook! We also have simple tiny kitchens for those who just want to do what is necessary. From kitchens that feature full size 30 inch propane ranges to small cook-tops, we can build it the way you want it! From standard kitchen sized cabinets to tucked away pantries we have it all.

All of the kitchens come with our Rustic Hickory cabinets that make your cabin feel like a home. Double stainless steel kitchen sinks make it easy to prepare and clean up even the most sophisticated of meals. Refrigerators of different sizes, ranges in propane or electric, micro-hoods, even dishwashers, big and small we have it all.


These are NOT RV bathrooms! Our bathrooms are designed to make sure you have ample space for storage and usage. Different floor plans can even incorporate a bathtub in them. We have even installed a Jacuzzi tub in one model. Our goal is to make a small bathroom feel as roomy as a large bathroom in a full sized house..the bathroom is one place you cant skimp on!

From our standard bathrooms with all the amenities to off the grid bathrooms with composting or incineration toilets, we can make you feel at home. With the same Rustic Hickory cabinets as in the kitchen and lots of light, getting ready in the morning will be a pleasure.

We try and think of everything from incorporating on demand hot water heaters for long hot showers to some models with the stackable washer and dryer in the bathroom. Tiny living can still be comfortable living!


For anyone needing a second bedroom or just more space for storage or fun, one of our Loft model cabins is perfect for you! Lofts standard height is 46 and at six feet tall I can walk around but am a bit hunched over. All lofts come standard with carpet and pad because if you are going to spend a lot of time up there you may find yourself on your knees.

If a second sleeping area is what you need, the loft can be partitioned off to create multiple sleeping areas or just one large room that can accommodate 2 and even 3 queen sized mattresses. The perfect area for the kids or guests!

If storage is what you are looking for you will have approximately 240 sq feet of open area for storing anything you desire. A closet can be put on the end if you want to close it off and use the additional area for living space.

My favorite idea is an entire loft of bean bag furniture and a large flat screen TV on the end!

The bottom line is that our lofts are spacious and can be used for anything from the standard extra bedroom to a workable office space or art studio. The possibilities can go as far as your imagination can take you.


The downstairs master suite is designed to make maximum use of a small space. By placing a bump-out for your bed and adding drawers underneath we maximize the usability of the bed space. No need for a dresser everything can fit in the ample drawer space underneath. With this feature added in we can then put a full sized closet with mirrored or wooden doors. Big enough for all your hanging clothes and coats, but might not fit all her shoes! Even with this we are still going to have enough room for your stackable washer and dryer. No need to leave the room when folding and putting away the laundry! By adding outlets and cable ready accessories in the bedroom we will still have room for a large picture window or a sliding glass door!

Going smaller doesn’t mean going without, it just means being diligent with your spacial planning!

All of our floor plans are designed with a queen size bed in mind, but if you need to have that California King, we can make it happen!


At Richs Portable Cabins we believe that there is plenty of room in Tiny for stairs. Instead of the standard ladder that you find in most Tiny Homes we use stairs for added comfort and safety. The stairs are wide enough to navigate without feeling cramped, and safe enough even for a small child.

Here at RPC, safety and comfort are the two biggest driving forces when creating a tiny home stair system. You may be able to save space with a ladder, but with stairs you have the added benefit of additional storage underneath, and it sometimes serves as a utility closet for the heating system or water heater. Even with the mechanical stuff, there is still lots of room for storing bulky items. We even have the option of dog friendly stairs in the NC 8 wide loft. When it comes to stairs, we rise to new heights!


One of the biggest obstacles to living Tiny is where to put all of our stuff! In an attempt to live a simpler life there are still things that we are not prepared to part with and we make sure you dont have too!

We try and use every square inch of space to help with this problem. Full sized kitchen and bathroom cabinets allow you to stock up on the daily necessities. While large closets in the loft and bedroom help to store away those things that you just have to have! Hidden closets under the stairs and even some smaller storage lofts in our non-loft cabins make it possible to keep everything neat and tidy.

You may have to downsize but you dont have to give away everything!